You are browsing across the internet, you find something that really interests you and you click on the link. Unfortunately, you get that dreaded, plain 404 Error page that tells you the link you just clicked on no longer exists. Of course, many of you have probably experienced a 404 Error page and the sight of it was an unwanted one.

Now, for publishers and advertisers, 404Bucks can turn those horrendous pages into revenue for you. Often times, these 404 Pages will automatically redirect back to the homepage, but if that 404 Page is simply telling your visitors that they won't find the site, the use of 404Bucks and Cross-Channel Remarketing can change the way these errors pages are displayed.

How Does It Work?

For publishers of websites that don't fix a broken link, 404Bucks will rid of the "Page Cannot be Found" message and replace it with appealing and targeted ads on those missing links. This makes it so that whenever users click on those broken links, instead of sending them to nothing and potentially losing them, you get the option to send them to a sleek designed page with ads relevant to what it is they are looking for. The AdMedia algorithm helps assure that, using keywords to make sure the ads are of use and not showing irrelevant content.

As an advertiser, these pages are the perfect location due to the fact that there are millions upon millions of broken links that are scattered across the internet just waiting for content. The AdMedia algorithms are capable of taking the website's theme and targeted keywords into consideration to assure that you're not wasting money putting ads on sites where you won't get many clicks. If you want your conversion rates to go through the roof, 404Bucks can help you make something from nothing!

Design Benefits

404Bucks allows you to choose from multiple designs and templates to keep these ads in a wonderful view rather than that 404 Error page that was seen before. Numerous layouts and designs will help you select the best possible templates to make sure the 404 Page will still blend in with your website, giving the new ad page the same look and feel. Best part about the design is it allows for a search bar to be implemented, that way viewers could find different products if they are not interested in the ads displayed on the page.

Maxium Effeciency

Advertisers and publishers alike will have the great opportunity to generate more revenue with every click by turning unused pages into ad displays. There are so many broken links on each website, why let them go to waste when you can turn them into money making machines? Combine 404Bucks with all of the other platforms in the Cross-Channel Remarketing strategy to make sure the ads are seen across every outlet and channel on other websites as well.

Don't allow for anymore dead ends. Turn your empty pages into profit-makers with 404Bucks and Cross-Channel Remarketing. Sign up today and start earning!

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...404Bucks can turn those horrendous pages into revenue...