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Mobile Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business

Mobile marketing has become an important and crucial tactic to boost sales and grow your business.

Mobile is no longer just a mechanism through which we can communicate, but there’s so much more to it now. It has brought about a revolution in the business world. Be it an online or a bricks and mortar business, you can’t keep away from mobile marketing.

The stats related to the number of mobile users is just amazing! According to a study, half of the world population owns a mobile phone and every second 9 new users are added.  

Mobile Marketing

So, what can be a better way of making people aware of your product or service? This is the reason we say that mobile marketing is one of the most effective tools both for brick-and-mortar and online businesses.

Mobile marketing is a technique of targeting mobile users through campaigns.

Mobile remarketing is another form of using mobile devices to drive conversions. I’ll be discussing Mobile remarketing and how it helps boost sales in my next blog.

That makes mobile marketing a key tactic to grow your business. The best part of mobile marketing is that it works well and some businesses are already sharing their data.

Have you ever tried finding out the percentage of Americans who use smartphones? More than half of the population (around 65%) falls in that category.

And, you’ll be surprised to know that 70% of the people performing a search on a mobile device have a tendency to trigger an action in an hour.

So, let’s find out how Mobile marketing can be used more effectively to grow your business and boost sales. Read below…

  1. Designing a mobile-friendly Website

Data from various sources say that of all the traffic 8% comes from tablets and smartphones. Within a few years, we’ll be in the world of Mobile e-commerce.

According to a prediction, online shoppers are going to spend around $25 billion. So, it’s very important to make your website mobile-friendly before you are going to start a mobile marketing campaign.

You‘ll need to assure yourself that the content and the menus are being explicitly displayed to the mobile users. This can only be done if you are using a mobile-friendly theme.

That’s possible even if you are on a tight budget! There are are many free mobile-friendly themes available. Alternatively, you can also use the WPtouch mobile plugin. This will make your site mobile-friendly.

  1. Creating mobile-friendly content

You must keep in mind this huge number of mobile users while creating a piece of content for your site. When a visitor would be reading this content from his mobile, the screen is going to be a smaller one.

A mobile-user won’t care about the About Page or anything like that. They just want the relevant answer to what they are looking for. One of the best ways to be the king here is to create a “catchy & simple headline”.

The first step towards writing the correct headline is making it precise and short. A mobile-user would not get the luxury to see big and long tail headlines. This will benefit your site and the visitor will find no way but to read it. Here’s an example to make it more clear

The traditional approach to writing the headline

Top 10 Mobile Marketing Tips to Boost Sales and Grow Your Business

The mobile-friendly headline version of the above

Top 10 Tips for Mobile Marketing

  1. Connecting your brand to mobile users

You can connect your brand to mobile users by running mobile ads through social media and various other channels.

According to a study the CTRs are higher on tablets than on desktops. Ads that are displayed on mobile applications perform way better than mobile websites.

But, the most important thing to keep in mind when you are designing mobile ads is to find out your audience. You can’t market to everyone and get the same result. There are groups of audiences, only who will be interested in your product.

In addition to that, you’ll also need to work on your mobile SEO to help this group of audiences discover you. This will them to use your services and buy your products easily.

So, these are a few of the mobile marketing tips, there is much more to this list. It’s just a snippet of what I want to convey. I’ll be discussing them all in my upcoming blog.

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