Remarketing in Your Online Strategy to Improve Conversion!

Remarketing can benefit your business in a number of ways in addition to enhancing the conversion rate.

Either you don’t really know the advantages of Retargeting or you have no idea how it works if you are not incorporating it in your online strategy.


Let me give you an explanation to both the doubts that may be causing hindrance to your Digital Marketing approach. I’ll explain how to include this strategy in your Digital Marketing Budget can be advantageous for your business.

Do you know what are those ads that keep haunting you irrespective of the website you visit? This is what Remarketing is all about! This really an effective weapon for increasing conversion and boosting sale.

Remarketing Vs. Retargeting

These terms have often been used exchangeably! In most of the cases, this practice of showing up ads has been called Retargeting and remarketing includes email channels too.

How Remarketing Work?

It actually works using cookies! Every time someone visits your website, a code gets inserted into the browser of the user. It does not fetch any confidential information, but a single identifier will be assigned so that the platform will identify which pages of your website, the user have visited.

This code that is installed into the browser of the visitor is also called a pixel! This pixel is incorporated in the part of the website where you want the information to be collected. This strategy will start generating a list of users or Audience. The most effective platforms for Retargeting are Social Networks particularly Facebook and Adwords.

Types of Remarketing

There are different types. Let’s discuss a few of those highly effective strategies that can grow your business manifold.

Display Remarketing

This type is used in most of the cases. It involves “dynamic remarketing“, an effective type of action. It will involve putting up ads to earn back the audiences who have once visited your website.

These ads should be so designed to convey some message offering some incentive or offers. You can choose to include promotional actions. But, Dynamic Remarketing, which is generally used by stores, you can send exclusively linked messages to the product that has been visited by your audience.

Search Remarketing

Search Remarketing relates to the ads that are shown in the Google Search Engine. Here you can take control of the searches that are being made by the visitors.

Video Remarketing

Video Remarketing is generally done through YouTube. This form of Retargeting work in a way that you can skip watching a certain webpage that you have already visited.

Setting Up Remarketing

No matter if you are a Retargeting expert, if you are not setting it rightly, you are going to lose a considerable number of audiences. There are two important aspects that you’ll certainly need to take into account when you are setting up Retargeting. Let’s read them below!

Frequency: Frequency in terms of Remarketing is the number of times an ad is going to be shown to a particular visitor. When you are continuously being shown a Remarketing ad this may be because the advertiser has not set the Frequency cap for you or the Frequency has been set to too high.

These ads without frequency capping can annoy the customers and repel you back from buying your product. So, it’s an important parameter if you want to strategize your Remarketing in an effective way. Experts say that around 4 to 5 impressions or impacts are enough that will keep you in the safe zone. Well, stick to that number if you don’t want to lose your valued customers.

Audience: For an effective Retargeting, you’ll have to create the apt lists! You have to aptly design your message both for the customers who have visited your website but have not converted and for the customers who have not visited your website for more than 30 days.

This means that you’ll have to categorize your list of customers according to their visit time and the action they have taken.  And, you must include in a list of those customers who have converted, so that you can remove them from other lists and customize their messages accordingly.


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