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Remarketing – Stop Showing Ads And Tell Stories Instead

We all have experience of annoying advertisement following around us what we just want to get rid of it. Yes, Remarketing ads are annoying if it’s not used in the proper way! This is because no one likes to be bothered with the same advertisements again and again. 

Here I’ll introduce you to a new concept that we have found to be widely successful in remarketing efforts.

Use Remarketing To Tell A Story

Who doesn’t like to hear a story? Stories grab attention and connect with people because your story also tells the story of your audience. This will earn you a great advantage over all your competitors as you will stand out with unique and engaging creatives.

How To Build An Effective Story?

Design an impressive image/banner: The purpose of your banner or image is to draw the viewer’s eye towards your ad. It should be engaging enough to make one stop the current activity and divert attention their attention to your message.

Use a variety of creative: Having a set of custom brand creative is awesome, but don’t forget to mix it up with other creatures that go super niche. 10 remarketing lists of 100 people with excellent creative is always greater to one remarking list of 1000 people and generic creative. Keep this message match in mind. You can make ad copy for your remarking by interviewing customers and talking with CS team. If your homepage is not getting answers to all their questions and helping the customer, that’s a golden opportunity to put it in your remarketing.

Work on sequential Remarketing: Sequential remarketing is story based remarketing. You take your customers on a journey as they click on an ad, reach a landing page and then take an action. You start to show them the next turn in your story as you guide people through a funnel.

How To Present Your Story?

Target the right audience with the right offer: Retargeting everyone with the same ad is a bad idea. You should be personalizing the ads based on the interest your prospects showed for your products and services. This will ensure that you’re presenting the right offer to the right audience.

Start Video Marketing: YouTube has brought a great opportunity for video marketing. Make a remarketing list with people who watched more than 50% of your video on youtube. The video could talk about the new product you are going to launch, about a new mission you have taken with or some great customer care events.

Strengthen your Call-to-action: Your call-to-action should be simple, yet actionable. It is meant to lead the viewer towards the focused action you want them to take that is clicking your ad and converting on your offer. The CTA on a banner ad is an image within the aid of a button with actionable text.

Conclusion – After moving people through 2 or 3 steps in your story arc, you would have a strong list of people who are more close with your brand and are in a position to buy. You could deliver them a mix of ads on Google (RLSA, Display, video) and Facebook highlighting your product. Retargeting is a comprehensive strategy that puts you in front of non-converting visitors and drives them back.

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