Facebook Remarketing

Smart Facebook Retargeting Strategies to Implement

Facebook remarketing is an extremely powerful tool in the Digital Marketing World! If you want to convert the visitors of your site who are visiting, subscribing, downloading your ebook, and performing different activities on your site, it’s important.

Facebook Remarketing

Facebook Remarketing, if applied smartly can help your business skyrocket. In general, Retargeting is considered a very powerful tool, because bringing back the visitors is a tough nut to crack. And, remarketing helps woo those lost customers and boost your sale!

However, there’s much more than continuously showing ads! You have to act smart. Facebook Marketing can reap extraordinarily surprising results, but then again you have to act smartly.

Smart Facebook Remarketing Strategies

I’m going to give you some strategies that will be of great help towards your Digital Marketing efforts. Let’s see how you can act smart!

  1. Retarget Visitors through the Specific Pages they are visiting

There must be a number of pages on your website! Different visitors might be interested in different pages on your site. So, the smart idea is to target individual visitor as per the page he is been interested in. Showing all of them the same generic ads will only annoy them.

You can make this approach simpler by segmenting your retargeting audiences. Segment your audiences topic wise as on your website. This will make sure that an individual customer will be shown the ads in the area of his interest. It will compel the users to come back to your site.

For instance, if you have an online gifting portal, you can segment visitors of your website on the basis of which type of blogs and articles they are reading.

  1. Retarget Visitors who are more Interested in your Product

You are smart enough to understand that people who have shown interested to know more about your products would be more likely to convert than the ones who have to spend just a few seconds on your website.

If you have that ready segregated list visitors, you will know where it is safe allocating a higher budget.

You can do this by creating a custom audience and then segregating the audiences who have come to visit different pages of your site like “blogs”, “about us” and alike. With this approach, you can target users who want to learn more about your website and the products.

  1. Retarget Customers who are inquiring about Pricing

In the Facebook Remarketing arena, one of the most important techniques is retargeting those audiences who are coming to inquire about the pricing scheme. Ostensibly these customers are more interested in buying your product. They have the most chances of getting converted.

You’ll have to create a custom audience of particularly the users who have visited your pricing page. Find strategies to understand that these customers are going to get converted so that you can bid the highest price and reach most of them.

  1. Retarget Audiences who have Tried signing up but Failed

This not entirely different from the last few Facebook remarketing strategies. But, the difference is that these customers are a little more closure to converting because they have tried signing up that makes it clear that they were interested.

There could be plenty of reasons for which a particular user has tried signing up and but, have not actually succeeded. And, so important for you as the host to give them a last pushup to buy your product. You can enhance the chances by freeing them from any of the insecurity or concern.

You can do this by simply creating a custom audience by using the sign-up page URL. You will have to exclude those users who have already signed up.

  1. Retarget Customers who are Searching for Products in your domain

You have a wonderful Facebook retargeting opportunity if you are using Bing ads or Google ads. You can target these visitors through search ads by focusing on what they actually are searching. It may be sounding a little trickier, but hold on it’s as simple as the previous ones.

We’ll understand it with the help of an example. Suppose for example we are using certain keywords in our search campaigns. But, are not coming up with conversion we have been eyeing on. So, retargeting is the perfect solution in this case!

You can then, segment your users through what they have been searching for, and then answering their queries on Facebook. Like if they are searching for Digital Marketing companies, they will be presented with the list of Digital Marketing companies on Facebook immediately.

  1. Retargeting through Time

It’s a great idea to retarget your audience through time or we call it time segmenting. This includes retargeting your audiences according to the time they have been visiting your site, unlike the other approaches.

The idea here is to focus more on your hot customers and less on the cold ones. By hot customers, we mean that those who have recently visited your site and by cold we mean those who have remained cold for quite some time.

Using this time segmenting with Facebook Remarketing, you will be creating a “.drip campaign” of ads targeted to your retargeting campaigns.

  1. Say Bye Bye to the Irrelevant Users

At the beginning of this post, we have said that Retargeting can be much more than just showing the same ads to irrelevant users. This is the end of my post, and I’m going to share a new very helpful strategy that people usually are ignoring.

All you have to do is to say bye to the irrelevant customers. These visitors have a very low chance of getting converted.

Not everyone who has been coming to your site can be a valued user, so you need to be smart here. This is a really important strategy! Don’t ignore it!!


Facebook Remarketing if done smartly can be a game changer for your company and business. And, the right way to do it is through segmenting your customers in the right way. Applying these smart strategies into your Retargeting efforts can surprise you with its results.

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