No matter how great an ad is, it won't convert if it's stranded on an irrelevant website. Don't let your ads end up on web pages that aren't related to your products or services. Instead, choose Contextual—your ultimate solution when it comes to serving up content-relevant ads.

Our intelligent algorithms go beyond simply tagging keywords and phrases, and instead look up the overall themes and site content as a whole to ensure that we are able to display the best and most targeted ads possible.

How It Works

If you're an advertiser and you wish to take advantage of Contextual's effective model, simply sign up for an account and wait for a representative to approve your application. Once approved, go ahead and fund your account to effectively set up your ad campaign. Your ads will immediately go live once the campaign is submitted, and users will be able to see these ads on relevant websites.

Similarly, publishers that want targeted ads on their websites can also sign up for a Contextual publisher account. This involves finding the ID code number on your site in the Contextual database. As a publisher, you'll have the option of customizing the look and feel of the ads that appear on your site to ensure that they don't clash with your theme and design. Once you're satisfied, you can easily place the ads on your site by pasting the Contextual JavaScript code. After this step, you're good to go and you're well on your way to start earning more revenue!

Why Choose Contextual?

Contextual's intelligent algorithms are unparalleled when it comes to determining which ads go where. Unlike other ad models that simply examine a couple of keywords, Contextual actually factors in the content of a webpage as a whole to guarantee that only the most targeted ads are served up.
Moreover, we scan and update ads in real-time to ensure that all advertisements are up-to-date and relevant.

Contextual's ad format is also extremely user-friendly. Contextual allows users to do their own search and type up queries right from the ad unit, to help them find what they're looking for without leaving the publisher's site. Additionally, our ad units contain scroll buttons that let people see more relevant adverts.

Safe & Secure

Furthermore, Contextual enforces tight security measures to protect advertisers and publishers from click fraud brought about by scammers and bots. We've partnered up with several Internet security companies to help us block bots, spam, and traffic from untrustworthy and unverifiable IP addresses.
Our system is monitored 24/7 so you can rest easily knowing that we would never allow anything suspicious or illegal to slip through the cracks.

Enhance Contextual with Cross Channel Remarketing

It's undeniable the Contextual ads will increase CTR and conversion rates, but if you really want to see results soar, consider looking into our Cross Channel Remarketing product. With Cross Channel Remarketing, you'll not only get the opportunity to reach users via websites and blogs, you'll also be able to connect with them through email, mobile, video, search, and more.

No other ad network out there allows you to reach users through this many channels. Cross Channel Remarketing can effectively take your social media, search, email, and SEO efforts to the next level.

Getting your campaign going is as easy as 1-2-3, so sign up today!

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...Contextual actually factors in the content of a webpage as a whole to guarantee that only the most targeted ads are served up.