Hey website owners, did you know that if your site isn't complete or it is underdeveloped, you can still make money while the site isn't active? And advertisers, did you know that a large portion of the internet is made up of underdeveloped websites and that a large majority of potential buyers run into these sites on a daily basis? Well for both advertisers and publishers, DittoDomains is the perfect answer to earn revenue while the site is still under construction.

DittoDomains and the Cross-Channel Remarketing are perfect for situations where a website is inactive and parked on the AdMedia servers for free. AdMedia displays relevant ads on the publisher's domain, allowing earned revenue that publishers receive at a 60/40 share simply by signing up. Advertisers get the chance to display ads at every corner of the web, increasing the views and clicks they receive, thus increasing revenue.

Why DittoDomains?

DittoDomains can be used as part of the Cross-Channel Remarketing strategy along with other platforms in order to ensure that all areas of the web, increasing views and clicks. For publishers, DittoDomains displays ads relevant to your domain name so visitors are not getting random ads thrown their way and we provide optimization automatically that will tailor the ads to each user's preference and location. Advertisers will love the fact that DittoDomains uses an advanced Contextual algorithm and proven marketing techniques designed to make sure your ads are targeted at the right area and audience.

Ads only appear on pages relevant to exactly what the users are searching for at that time to make sure the targets are interested in what is being offered.

Extra Benefits

DittoDomains and Cross-Channel Remarketing are perfect for publishers because of the ability to completely customize what the ad page looks like on your inactive domain. Publishers are allowed to show off their site's personality with a large number of templates, designs and layout appropriate for just about any website. The large gallery can help as well, incorporating relevant images onto the site.

For advertisers, DittoDomains allows for your ads to reach a broader spectrum on the internet, utilizing pages that are not even active yet. Combined with the other platforms in the Cross-Channel Remarketing strategy, your ads will be reaching and displaying on every possible corner of the web, allowing for more eyes and more clicks. Of course that means you'll be getting a better conversion rate and an increase in revenue; nothing wrong with that right?

Start and Earn Extra Money Today!

It's the perfect opportunity to earn revenue while a site is inactive and it helps that the visitors will already be in the mood to spend some money since they were looking for your site as it is. Extra money is just a click away and you will be part of a strategy with more options and channels than anyone out there. DittoDomains and the Cross-Channel Remarketing strategy are the perfect way to reach as many users as possible and increase your chances at converting the original 97% users that don't make a purchase on their first visit to a site.

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DittoDomains displays ads relevant to your domain name so visitors are not getting random ads...