Whether it's extremely visible or discreet, FooterRoll is designed specifically to be an effective, interactive experience that is perfect for getting the message out to all users. Publishers could get the best possible ads on their site to increase revenue while advertisers give viewers an engaging toolbar that is easy to use and is the perfect place for ad space. The simplicity and usefulness of the FooterRoll as part of the Cross-Channel Remarketing strategy is set up so users can get everything they want and need in one quick area at the bottom of the webpage.

How Does FooterRoll Work?

The layout of a FooterRoll is rather simple and it is perfect for combining social media networks, search functions, translation button and of course, the advertisement. The ad on the left hand side of the FooterRoll is displayed in a larger video once you hover over it with your mouse. Going over the ad will bring up the advertisement video while dimming the background.

FooterRoll is designed so the publisher is guaranteed revenue every time the advertisement is seen because it counts the views, not clicks due the hover over feature to start the video. For the publisher, the FooterRoll also displays widgets to quickly and easily find the publisher's social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. The logo is also displayed along with relevant and popular keywords as well as the search function, all on a customizable toolbar.

It's simple to add on to the site with just the copy and paste of a JavaScript code onto the site.

Advertisers get the advantage of having a high-impact advertisement in plain sight of any and all viewers, making the product the focus of the page for the time the advertisement is up.

Benefits of FooterRoll

As mentioned, the main benefits of FooterRoll for an advertiser is the fact that the advertisement that is played will be the major focus of the entire page while the rest of the background is dimmed out. An advertisement video will play and will be accompanied by a banner with the advertiser's logo next to it, keeping the focus on the brand and the product. Being in the view of the audience increases your chance of bringing in potential customers and clientele, as well as increasing your conversion rate.

Publishers get the benefit of having a discreet tool bar that doesn't bother the viewer and displays the ad only as they hover over the ad with their mouse. Of course, viewers seeing the video will guarantee revenue as well, so there isn't the need for any clicks in order to make money off of the FooterRoll. The widgets, search function and keyword suggestions are all bonuses to help users navigate easily throughout a site.

Now is the Time to Get Started

Getting signed up for FooterRoll and the Cross-Channel Remarketing strategy is a small, easy step on the way to making extra money with little work. AdMedia has a dedicated and trustworthy customer service team ready to assist you and get you earning money today. Take advantage of all that FooterRoll and the Cross-Channel Remarketing strategy has to offer today and you'll happy you did.

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FooterRoll is designed so the publisher is guaranteed revenue...