No one can deny that content is king. Text-heavy websites that are filled with informative and entertaining content can effectively engage users and continuously drive traffic. And the good news is you can easily take advantage of this opportunity with the help of Intextual.
Powered by AdMedia, Intextual is the leading in-text advertising model on the web. Intextual ads appear as underlined words on a page, and the actual advertisements are displayed only when the user hovers over the underlined text.

Intextual ads are subtle space-savers and are perfect for advertisers and publishers that do not want to disrupt the flow of text on a page.

How It Works

If you're an advertiser and you wish to take advantage of our Intextual ads, you can do so by filling out a form and submitting your ad. Once the ad is approved, you can then fund your account and your ad will go live on the network immediately. Users see your ad, click on it, and you'll gain new customers and leads in no time!

For publishers, getting Intextual ads on their site is as easy as 1-2-3. Simply sign up for an account, locate your site's ID code number, and paste the JavaScript code onto your website. You'll also have the option to fully customize the ads that appear on your website to ensure that it fits with the overall look and feel of your page. When users visit your website, they can engage with the ads and you'll earn revenue whenever the ads are clicked.

Helpful & User-Friendly

From a consumer's perspective, Intextual ads are extremely user-friendly and non-disruptive. Users are in full control when it comes to how Intextual ads behave. If they wish to see the ads, they can simply click or hover on the underlined word. Ads immediately disappear when they remove their mouse from these words.

What's great about Intextual ads is that they actually supplement users' browsing experience. A search box appears together with the ads allowing people to type in search queries manually. The best part is, users can conduct search right from the Intextual interface and they can easily find what they're looking for without leaving the publisher's site.

Why Choose Intextual

Aside from the numerous benefits for advertisers, publishers, and consumers, you'll be glad to know that Intextual is a very intelligent ad model. We use algorithms to scan a web page's keywords, content, and overall themes to ensure that the ads being displayed are related to the site's content. Our system scans for information in real-time to guarantee that all ads are relevant and up-to-date.

Intextual ads are extremely user-friendly and non-obtrusive. Unlike annoying pop up ads that appear out of nowhere, Intextual advertisements respect users' browsing experience and only appear when the underlined words are hovered over.

Advertisers can relish the fact that their ads are only seen by people who actually want to see them, while publishers can rest easy knowing that they can make money without compromising their site's usability and integrity.

Go Intextual and Beyond

Intextual definitely has you covered when it comes to reaching users through content. But what about all the other channels? Consider taking your Intextual ad campaign to the next level by using our Cross Channel Remarketing system. Instead of simply appearing on text-heavy websites, Cross Channel Remarketing will ensure that users are exposed to your brand even when they're watching videos, doing a web search, or checking their email.

Cross Channel Remarketing can complement your web, email, SEO, and social media efforts so that they're all working to putting your brand out there.

Don't just settle with connecting with consumers through one medium, check our Cross Channel Remarketing and reach users through every corner of the web. Sign up today!


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Intextual ads are subtle space-savers and are perfect for advertisers and publishers that do not want to disrupt the flow of text on a page.