With MidRollStream, you give yourself the advantage of getting the message or advertisement to clients and users at the most opportune time. It's easy, engaging and extremely effective to increase revenue and conversion rates when advertisements are placed in the perfect place on a video and that's exactly what MidRollStream and Cross-Channel Remarketing does for publishers and advertisers alike.

MidRollStream gives the visual stimulation to viewers right in the thick of everything they are already paying their undivided attention to without being intruding and keeps the interest with relevant product placement. Just think of the opportunities available when you have the best set up to engage with the audience. Here's how effective it can be.

What Does MidRollStream Do?

Advertisers and publishers alike: put yourself in the viewers' position. You're watching a video on the internet and your focus is completely on the video playing in front of you. All of a sudden, the video pauses for a brief second, a relevant ad comes on screen and as soon as it's done, the original video starts up again from the point at which it was paused.

The concept of the MidRollStream is for the focus of viewers' to stay on the video that has already been playing and allowing the opportunity for the advertisement to be seen by many people. It doesn't annoy users and it's perfectly placed with relevant products to entice the users. This will help increase conversion rates for advertisers and revenue and clientele list for publishers.

It Is So Easy

Through AdMedia's strategic algorithms, MidRollStream and the Cross-Channel Remarketing strategy make it easy to set up and successfully target the ideal audience for any given situation in terms of advertisements. Of course, you want your viewers to maintain interest in what they were already searching for, so you wouldn't want advertisements popping up that have absolutely nothing to do with the video playing. It's a simple and effective solution that MidRollStream can bring the best possible results to your business; advertiser or publisher.

MidRollStream and Cross-Channel Remarketing

AdMedia offers MidRollStream in connection with the Cross-Channel Remarketing strategy to ensure that all of the markets on the internet are being utilized and that no space is wasted space. MidRollStream is perfect to use with the other platforms under the Cross-Channel Remarketing strategy because of its effectiveness and location that adding it with all other channels allows for multiple views and maximum efficiency.

This is the perfect opportunity to increase views, conversion rates and revenue for all parties involved whether you are a publisher or an advertiser. With the strategic placing of advertisements in the middle of videos, the focus is 100% on the product being promoted.

Now, make sure 100% of the focus of your company is having the best possible marketing campaign that you can and sign up for MidRollStream and Cross-Channel Remarketing. With the use of every platform under the Cross-Channel Remarketing strategy available for your disposal, making the most possible revenue is just a click or call away to our wonderful customer service team.

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MidRollStream gives the visual stimulation to viewers right in the thick of everything...