Visual stimulation is one of the best forms of getting users or potential customers to convert into buyers and PreRollStream allows for some of the best visual stimulation out there. With PreRollStream, the focus is already on the area in which the ad will appear, making it in plain sight and completely within focus of the viewers. The best part is all the ads are completely relevant to what the user is already looking for, making it appealing to the users.

PreRollStream is a perfect part of the Cross-Channel Remarketing strategy specifically designed to get already engaged individuals to view the advertisements before they move on to the next thing. The beauty is in how it works and benefits the user as well as publishers and advertisers. It is money-making made simple.

How Does It Work?

Odds are if you've browsed the internet for videos, you've seen this kind of marketing tool in use.

For advertisers, PreRollStream allows for your ads to be placed before targeted videos are played to viewers who are already giving their undivided attention. The way it works is PreRollStream plays an advertisement before the intended video plays, but it only displays related products in order to insure that it is unobtrusive to the viewer. What better way to capture the attention of a potential customer than to place an ad where their attention already lies in wait?

Publishers that have videos on their website can earn money by placing ads at the beginning of their videos that pop up. The intended video plays right after the ad is finished, no more interruptions. This makes it so you are not interrupting your audiences viewing pleasure, but you are still earning money with the PreRollStream video.

Perfect For Cross-Channel Remarketing

PreRollStream is perfect in connection with the Cross-Channel Remarketing strategy because of the target audience it goes after and where the ads are displayed. As part of this one big strategy, advertisers and publishers alike will be earning money off of perfect product placement throughout the entire internet. Whether a site plays videos, displays banners or has a FooterRoll, the combination of platforms offered by Cross-Channel Remarketing can take a normal PreRollStream campaign and turn it into the perfect money-maker.

Whether as a publisher or an advertiser, earning revenue is the ultimate goal and taking advantage of all the Cross-Channel Remarketing strategy has to offer is the simple ticket towards that goal. Even if you decide not to take advantage of the wonderful PreRollStream platform, you'll get the use of other channels to do your marketing.

Get Started Today

With wonderful customer service and a knowledgable team, AdMedia's PreRollStream and Cross-Channel Remarketing are the best option on the internet to turning perfectly good space into revenue. It is beneficial to your own company as well as to the users who will see the relevant products in each ad prior to their intended video. Do yourself and your audience a big favor, sign up and get started with your new PreRollStream and Cross-Channel Remarketing strategies today to watch your revenue soar sky high!

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Visual stimulation is one of the best forms of getting users or potential customers to convert into buyers...