Search Remarketing

Drive Traffic and Boost Sales with Search Remarketing

With Search Remarketing, you're given multiple options to choose from. This list consists of Search Remarketing options:

Search Visitor Recapture

With the Search Visitor Recapture form of Remarketing, advertisers will target visitors who entered your site specifically through a search. The anonymous cookies are set and the visitors are reached through combinations of multiple ad networks.

Search Engine Targeting-Driven Search Remarketing

Specifically, this form of Remarketing reaches out to those that search for your site on major search engines. The search engine collects anonymous profile information. For instance, with Yahoo live with a search publisher-driven solution, the audience to tap into is much larger through this form of Remarketing.

Publisher-Driven Search Engine Remarketing

Targeting your current customers will allow for an easier influence directly making it more likely for them to return to your site to make future purchases from your company. So starting with a solution allowing for targeting your own search users with a strong brand affinity to you is very beneficial.

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