Thank You Offers

If you are running an e-commerce site or generating leads, it's time to take advantage of the Thank You Offers, brought to you by AdMedia as part of our Cross-Channel Remarketing!

Why lose potential revenue by sending customers or leads to a boring, bland confirmation page and letting them go on their way? With Thank You Offers, you're allowing yourself to earn more revenue while helping cross-sale with another company to help the customer get what they want. This is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

How It Works

Say you're generating leads and when all the information is done, your site displays a "Thank You For Submitting" type situation to show appreciation to the user. With Thank You Offers, the "Thank You For Submitting" page will also display relevant ads from advertisers that you are also partnered or associated with. The widgets will also present links and ads from well known brands to help keep the user from thinking it is spam.

The ads are pre-selected and you have the ability to block any unwanted ads so you'll have a clean, legit page that you know your users will love and be able to take advantage of. Because of AdMedia's Cross-Channel Remarketing technology, once the user views those ads, the user is pixeled and then that product ad can be viewed again by any of the other channels that we offer.

If that user goes to another site that uses AdMedia's FooterRoll channel, the ads will show up in that FooterRoll as well!

Easy To Use

Thank You Offers are easy to get started up and work well in no time. The JavaScript code can be placed in the proper place (lead generation form or check out page) in order to maximize its potential in reaching the user. After that, ads will be live and commission will be received every month based on the amount of traffic and the Advertisers' bids; it really is that simple!

Protects Against Click Fraud

When you sign up for Thank You Offers through AdMedia, you'll do so knowing that AdMedia partners with ClickForensics in order to ensure that any and all possible click fraud concerns are eliminated.

For Advertisers

Advertisers, you get the benefit of having your ads seen on the submit or check out pages. The best part about the location of your ads comes with knowing that the user is already in the shopping mood as they have just filled out a lead generator form or made a purchase. This is the perfect chance to have your ads, products and deals seen by people in the market for similar, relevant items and that could lead them right to you.

Cross-Channel Remarketing and Thank You Offers

The best part about using Thank You Offers in connection with AdMedia's Cross-Channel Remarketing is you now have all of the available platforms to be used at your disposal. So, if you want to combine the Thank You Offers platform with FooterRoll, PreRoll, Overlay Ads or all of the channels we offer, that's perfectly fine. With the Cross-Channel Remarketing technology, you are increasing your chances to increase conversion rates, increase revenue and earn the best reputation you can.

The benefit of Cross-Channel Remarketing for Advertisers is similar in the sense that this is the chance to have your ads and products seen across not one, but all of the platforms offered. It could be in a Thank You Offer or it could be through a PreRoll, your ads will be placed on every channel in the Cross-Channel Remarketing strategy.

Don't let users go without earning your revenue, sign up for Thank You Offers and Cross-Channel Remarketing today. You will enjoy the convenience and quality of service in which Cross-Channel Remarketing can provide you while earning increased revenue.

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