Don't get too caught up in vanity metrics and statistics. When it comes to online advertising, clicks that lead to conversions are the only ones that matter. If you're tired of blowing your budget on low-quality traffic and clicks that don't count, then ThankYouEmail is exactly what you're looking for.

AdMedia's ThankYouEmail product takes email marketing to a whole new level by validating every click to ensure that the only users who'll see your ads are the ones with high chances of conversion. Since initial email clicks don't always lead to conversions, advertisers end up paying high prices for low-quality clicks.

To resolve this, ThankYouEmail implements a 4-step email marketing model that closes the click to conversion gap for advertisers.

High Quality All the Way

ThankYouEmail uses a PPC advertising model with an additional traffic filter to weed out accidental clicks and disinterested users.

When users receive an email from one of our publishers, they'll see an ad or creative promoting products and services related to the email's content. Users can then click on this creative and will be taken to a page containing 5 intriguing sponsored ads. Users who aren't interested in any of the ads would typically exit the page, leaving only the ones that are truly interested and engaged.

Now, other ad networks will normally charge you for the initial clicks on the email, but we here at ThankYouEmail will give you those clicks and impressions for free! Instead, you'll only pay for the clicks on the second landing page, because the users that stay and click on the ads on this page are the ones that are most likely to convert.

How It Works

Getting your hands on ThankYouEmail's extensive benefits is extremely easy.

If you're an advertiser, simply sign up for an account and wait for one of our representatives to approve your application. Once approved, you can set up your campaign and fund your account. After this step, your ad will immediately go live on the ThankYouEmail network.

Publishers also have an equally easy sign up process. Just sign up and complete a publisher approval application. Once approved, you'll gain access to our email bucket system that will let you select categories related to your emails. Once you're done choosing relevant topics, simply generate a code for your emails, and then send away.

Why Choose ThankYouEmail?

ThankYouEmail saves advertisers money by ensuring that they don't pay for dead clicks. Publishers on the other hand are highly compensated for sending double qualified traffic to advertisers.

Additionally, every user that receives our Publisher emails have opted in, which means that they expressly agreed that they're open to receiving marketing emails and relevant offers. ThankYouEmail does not condone spamming, and we continuously ensure that users are truly interested in getting promotional materials in their inbox.

ThankYouEmail also implements behavioral targeting tools that factor in user data. This helps us determine the types of ads that appear on emails, ensuring that we only serve up advertisements that are relevant to the content of the emails.

Enhance Your Campaign with Cross Channel Remarketing

Advertisers, you get the benefit of having your ads seen on the submit or check out pages. The best part about the location of your ads comes with knowing that the user is already in the shopping mood as they have just filled out a lead generator form or made a purchase. This is the perfect chance to have your ads, products and deals seen by people in the market for similar, relevant items and that could lead them right to you.

Cross-Channel Remarketing and Thank You Offers

ThankYouEmail's ad model is extremely powerful, but if you want to truly enhance your ad campaign and get access to more high-quality traffic, be sure to check out AdMedia's Cross Channel Remarketing system.

Cross Channel Remarketing goes beyond email, and allows you to reach users through search, display, video, mobile, and social. Take advantage of all these channels and sign up for Cross Channel Remarketing today!

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...ThankYouEmail implements a 4-step email marketing model that closes the click to conversion gap...