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99 Designs

Design Platform Achieves a 120% Elevation in Incremental Revenue

After anticipating on GDN as their own retargeting channel, they were able to encounter even better results retargeting on Facebook

Case Study:


120% Elevation in Incremental Revenue

About 99designs

99designs is the largest marketplace in the world for graphic design: from web pages, logos, business cards and more. You can visit them at: 99designs.com

The Opportunity

Joanne was already gathering new customers for 99design’s marketplace through retargeting campaigns on the Google Display Network. However, she had not found another retargeting platform that could counterpart GDN’s scale until Facebook retargeting became available.

The Solution

After reading about Remarketing.com in TechCrunch, Joanne reached out to them and quickly got set up with a campaign. She presented some copy and ~150 different images and Remarketing.com took care of the rest. Not only did they witnessed a 120% rise in incremental revenue, but their CPA was also 20% lower than Google. After their initial US-only campaign, they are now turning out more ads throughout the UK, Canada, and Germany.

The Results

Witnessed elevation in incremental revenue of 120% with Facebook Retargeting over 8 months

Dropped cost-per-acquisition by 20% over the GDN


Online Educator Witnesses a 30% Decrease in Facebook Retargeting CPA

Remarketing.com helped them fix their problems with ad fatigue and high CPAs

Case Study:


30% Decrease in Facebook Retargeting CPA

About InstaEDU

InstaEDU is an online tutoring platform for students who can immediately connect with thousands of tutors from topmost colleges. Presently, they are operated by Chegg Tutors.

The Opportunity

InstaEDU was focusing on drawing more students in need of academic help. Facebook retargeting happened to be a natural fit, but the first FB platform that Laura worked with was old-fashioned and she wasn’t able to create targeted campaigns quickly. She realized students were getting ad fatigue, and she wasn’t really comfortable with the high CPAs.

The Solution

Laura had witnessed Remarketing.com in the press and decided to give them a shot. She was quickly impressed with the service and coaching that she received from the team and loved the ability of the platform to change creative easily on the fly and target ads that are based on specific customer segments for a better CPA.

The Results

Facebook retargeting Cost-Per-Acquisition decreased 30x over the previous provider

InstaEDU advanced all display retargeting campaigns over to Remarketing.com

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