Reach relevant audience by using the technique of Contextual Targeting.

Contextual Targeting

You, as a marketer, are aware of the types of website and content that your audience visits while browsing the web. With contextual retargeting, you can reach your audience in real-time with a message that is relevant to the website’s content that they visit.

How It Works

While writing, an expression or a single term can relate to very different concepts. Remarketing can connect keywords and expressions with the broader intent or topic of the page using natural language processing and machine learning. With the help of pre-constructed categories, keyword contents or combinations of the two, advertisers can target their audience.

Moreover, Remarketing’s access to Private Marketplaces offers us the ability to work directly with Sellers and Publishers carving out distinctive and relevant subsets of inventory that your target audience visits frequently.

Engagement Enhancer

While your audience is engaged with content relevant to your advertising messaging, you can reach up to them. It has been proven by A/B testing that contextual relevance leads to higher CTR%.

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