Easy Cross-Device Retargeting

Remarketing.com provides an easy way to reach out to lost customers. You can retarget the lost mobile phone visitors across tablet devices and websites.

Why Cross-Device Retargeting

With Cross-Device User Mapping Reach out to Lost Customers Everywhere

Since most customers keep switching between their different devices, and so it’s hard to find them. Remarketing.com with its cross-device retargeting (Marin Identity Graph) can link the website visitors across all other devices without fetching any personal information.

Retarget your prospects on the top mobile apps and exchanges

We at Remarketing.com has collaborated with a number of mobile ad exchanges that will help you reach out to your customers. It fetches information (whether the customer is browsing the internet or playing the latest mobile game), and reach to the customers. Your customers will see your ads when the same website visitor switches to his favorite app.

With cross-device conversion tracking, Track mobile campaign ROI

It’s not going to be difficult to track the interaction between desktop and mobile campaigns. With Unified conversion tracking when after seeing an ad on a tablet or mobile phone, when a user converts on your website, you will be aware.

Remarketing.com has all the Desirable Tools to Retarget Across Devices

Ease of Use

Remarketing.com has the simplest solution for retargeting. You can multiply your sales without any extra effort.

Transparent Billing

We will send you every piece of billing detail directly to your inbox.

Detailed Analytics

We target to update the stats like conversion, revenue and click after every two hours.

Cross-Device Targeting

Use our Identity Graph to reach your audience across tablet, mobile, and desktop.

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