Dynamic Retargeting

Earn more sales for your online store. When the visitors view a product on your site, you can bring them back with a related ad. Convenient setup with no spend minimums or any commitments.

Why Dynamic Retargeting

Bring Back Lost Customers

On the very first customer visit, you only close at 8-10%. Turn up extra revenue by targeting those customers who left your site. With personalized offers and dynamic pricing, set up your ads to finally close the deal.

Re-engage Customers Online

Re-engage customers affordably on targeted publishers in order to find the perfect blend to expand revenue. Pick from numerous famous publishers across multiple ad networks.

Create Awareness Ads in The Best Placements

Customers might lose interest in your site and shop competitors. With the help of Dynamic Retargeting, the viewed product or similar products will create untargeted, generalized awareness ads. Enhance conversion numbers and raise your ROI.

The Convenient Way to Set Up Dynamic Ads For Your eCommerce Site

Tracing Conversion and Revenue

Analyze the impact created by ad views and clicks on conversions, revenue and much more

Effortless Shopify Integration

Set up auto-optimized dynamic campaigns in just a few minutes

Globally Renowned Customer Support

Consider us an extended part of your marketing team, ready and willing to assist whenever needed

Transparent Billing

Learn about every dollar spend with detail invoices sent to your inbox

Ad Types

Canvas Ads

Single Product Ads

Product Galleries Carousels

How It Actually Works

Import your products

Link your Google Merchant Center account for fast and effortless data import. We will pull in your product feed in just a few minutes and notify you in case we face any hurdle. Once your feed is linked, we’ll check it once a day to look for things such as price or inventory changes.

Create dynamic product ads

Design smooth multi-product or single-product ads using the options already available in our self-service Dynamic Ad Builder. After selecting your template, upload your logo, customize the colors, and create your ads, they’ll be ready to go in a short time.

Introduce personalized campaigns

Reach lost customers based on the store pages they visited, time of day, geography, and much more. Our proprietary real-time bidding platform looks at the rest of the things - serving your dynamic ads only to the people you wish to reach, at the most affordable prices.

Examine your wins and achieve more

Analyze your ROI by reviewing your actual sales and conversions. Boost your budget easily when the numbers line up in order to target even more potential customers.

Let Us Help You Retarget Today

Our customers average 5x return on ad spend. Don’t miss out.