Hubspot Retargeting

Smooth ad retargeting for Inbound Marketers. HubSpot and Remarketing.com have teamed up to connect Inbound Marketing and Paid Advertising. Link your HubSpot account to Remarketing.com and save much time, advertise in a better way, and gain more customers.

Why Hubspot Retargeting

Link Your Accounts in Just a Few Minutes

Link your HubSpot account to Remarketing.com in just a short interval of time. No technical knowledge is required!

Sync Pages and Lists Automatically

Once you link your HubSpot account, we scan your landing pages and smart lists automatically and form retargeting audiences from them. We crawl for new data every day so that your audiences are well-updated!.

Create Substantial Campaigns Effortlessly

With audiences built from your HubSpot data, you can design retargeting campaigns that align closely with the email messaging that you send via HubSpot.

Remarketing.com Works Amazingly With Hubspot

Tracing Conversion and Revenue

Analyze the impact created by ad views and clicks on conversions, revenue and much more

Detailed Analytics

Key stats such as click, conversions, and revenue is updated every 2 hours

Cross-Device Targeting

Reach your customers across mobile, desktop, and tablet, using our Identity Graph

Flexible Retargeting Window

Match your sales cycle by responding immediately

Ad Types



Let Us Help You Retarget Today

Our customers average 5x return on ad spend. Don’t miss out.