Build custom people-based audiences using offline and online data in order to improve targeting and enhance audience scale.

Look-Alike Modeling

Reach out to the ones in the market who appear most like your best performing retargeting audiences. Machine learning analyzes the users which are executing a particular conversion event online and uses the data to build a custom people-based audience having the same attributes.

How It Works

We combine and anonymize proprietary real-time interest data. We analyze the prospects they share, they click on, they search for and they engage with.

Then, we take a seed file of your best customers and compare the audience to our huge data set to detect similar users.

Enhance Market Share and Scale

With the help of our people-based solutions, you can target the same people across every digital channel and device. Analyze your own audience size, based on budget or scale, in order to target those who are most likely to convert.

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