Mobile Retargeting

Remarketing allows you to re-engage effortlessly, the lost mobile users across tablets and smartphones. The platform is free to try and is based on 100% self-serve mechanism. Now you have access to millions of mobile ad impressions at your fingertips.

Why Mobile Retargeting

The average app churns 80% of its users

Mobile marketing helps to bring back those lost customers & app-installers by wooing them with extremely relevant ads while they are on other apps.

Re-engaging at-risk users

Mobile marketing is an effective tool for keeping the DAU high. This it does by creating and targeting audiences explicitly at any time of installation. And, we provide you with every piece of information in creating those audiences right from your mobile application with our Mobile SDK.

Stay front-of-mind with your high-value users

Set reminders to your fans & followers to come back by advertising across top publishers and mobile. In this endeavor, we have also partnered with some well-known mobile ad exchanges that will help you positively reach your customers.

Track revenue and conversions

The hassle-free dashboard at Remarketing.com will help you with all the necessary data related to decision-making that is needed for optimizing campaigns. With our exclusive Mobile SDK, you can view conversions, order ID, sale value, track clicks, and so much more.

Remarketing.com is an apt platform for Mobile Retargeting

Simple Setup

Installing a single tracking code comes up with a simple setting. For every behavior, you want to keep track of, you create different segments.

Effective Targeting

You can target users as per your defined actions in your app or on your website.

Transparent Billing

Detailed invoices are sent directly to your inbox and you will have the transparency scrutinize every single dollar spent.

Flexible Retargeting Window

There aren’t any restrictions. You can choose to respond as per your convenience to match the sales cycle

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Target by:

App Action

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