Search ReTargeting bridges the gap between display and search. Use the search history of the site visitors to design the ads the visitors will further be seeing.

Search ReTargeting

Advertisers use the search history of the visitors to predict their behavior and interest and reach out to the untapped market with search ReTargeting. The strategy has the potential to reach out to the customers after they have searched and still exist in the market looking for your product.

How It Works

Our tool will generate a list of customized audiences of new prospects as in the site search widgets matches are entered. You will just need to upload the list of search terms and keywords. As these interested audiences who are eyeing on your services or products, surf the internet, you will able to reach out to them.

Driving Interested Audiences

It’s always a great idea to target prospective customers by educating them even before they have visited the website. Search ReTargeting will allow you to capture the interest of the audiences through the shopping and comparison phase.

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