Aid to your Brand Awareness Efforts with ads on your site by ReTargeting the audience who already know you.

Site ReTargeting

Data show that the conversion rate for the first time visitors is just 2%. Site ReTargeting helps you to target those lost customers who have visited your website but did not but did not buy it. These specific group of customers can be targeted using advertisement. Site ReTargeting works by showing ads to the visitors of your website as they browse through it. It’s a channel to convert 98% of those first-time visitors who have left your website without finally converting.

How It Works

Site remarketing begins its job as a customer visits the website for the first time. As the customer learns about your product, a tracking code is automatically downloaded on his browser. While the potential customer leaves your website without placing the order, the in-network websites recognize the customer’s tracking cookie. As a result, your ads are displayed and by clicking on the ads your customer returns back to the website.

  1. Customer visits & a tracking code is downloaded on his browser.
  2. Leaves without ordering the product.
  3. Customer’s tracking cookie is recognized & ads are displayed.
  4. Customer is brought back to your website and is encouraged to complete the transaction.

Return on Marketing Investment

ReTargeting is the most budget-friendly tool for working on a huge number of first-time visitors leaving without conversion. Remarketing is one of the most effective strategies which provide a helping hand to the advertisers in getting maximum return on Marketing Investment across different your channels.

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