Twitter Retargeting

You can now retarget your lost visitors on Twitter through Remarketing.com, both for mobile and desktop.

Why Twitter Retargeting

The Incredible Potential of 280 Characters

Remarketing.com will help you harness the potential of just 280 characters retargeting campaign on Twitter with the existing audience. It takes just a few minutes to fetch the list of the existing customers on Twitter.

Powerful Platform

You can target for conversion with extremely relevant Twitter ads relevant with context to promote the website. You can reach potentially relevant web visitors who didn’t convert.

Desktop & Mobile

Twitter Ads are a great way of extending your reach beyond Facebook and Web. You can reach your Target audience on any device on Twitter by combining your Twitter profile and retargeting Data.

Twitter Ads

Use all of the Twitter Ad formats of Twitter’s ad platform to retarget your visitors. At Remarketing.com you will get an assortment of techniques to re-engage your lost customers including Image Website card, Image app card, Promoted video, Plain text Tweet and much more.

Creating Audiences Effectively for your Twitter Retargeting Needs

Effective Targeting

You can target audiences according to the actions that you have defined in your app or on your website.

Ease of Use

It’s one of the simplest ways of Retargeting. You can multiply sales with the same effort.

Flexible Retargeting Window

Respond immediately or over time to match your sales cycle

Cross-Device Targeting

Use our Identity Graph to reach your visitors across tablets, mobile, and desktops.

Ad Types

Promoted Tweets

Promoted Trends

Promoted Accounts

Let Us Help You Retarget Today

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